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Do you re-charge your own car’s A/C unit?  Take this short survey, ARB wants to hear from you.

We need your help! Do you re-charge your automobile air conditioner using small containers (10 to 22 ounces) of automotive refrigerant? If so, please assist us by completing this brief survey at the link below:

This survey is anonymous (unless you choose to provide contact info) and will be used to help us evaluate consumer behavior surrounding an ARB-implemented deposit, refund and recycling program for small cans of refrigerant.  This program was implemented as part of the Regulation to Achieve Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Small Containers of Automotive Refrigerant.

California Retailer Information

Selling Small Cans of R-134a Automotive Refrigerant

California Regulations on Small Cans of R-134a Refrigerant

Retailers located in California now have special requirements necessary for the sale of  R-134a refrigerant to be used in automotive A/C systems. These regulations are fully explained in the downloadable guide below.

Retailer Forms and Information

• Download Retailers Guide to California Regulation PDF
• Do It Yourself Step by Step Guide for AC Recharging
• CARB Placard (English)
• CARB Placard (Español)
• CARB Report Forms (English)

Hazardous Materials Permits

DOT-SP 10232

DOT-SP 14188

California Supply Chain Disclosure

Download Transparency Act PDF